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Pat Liston

Well, in case you are wondering why Pat is no longer playing at McNulty's at Westport....McNulty's closed in June 2001. Hopefully, Pat will be appearing elsewhere soon.

I'm Playing at McNulty's this Friday( the 15th)!
I'm also playing New Years Eve(that would be the 31st)!
They're billing it New Years as
the "Pat Liston Band"
I'm not exactly sure what that is yet but we'll see!!
Come join me this Friday and/or New Years....... let's bring it in together!!
2001: a Spaced Odyssey

Once again.....McNulty's is proud to Present.....
Friday, December 1st
When ya get home Friday and ya think to yerself,
"bejaysus, I don't want to go Christmas shopping"
Do what "I" do............. put it off til Saturday!!!
Come see me performing all "my" favorite songs!!!
They'd be yours too if you'd come see me more often!!!
How are ya ever gonna get a true appreciation for Irish music and more importantly, my original music...
if you don't start comin' on a regular basis???
That's what radio stations do!!!
They play a song so much that your ready to assassinate the artist!!
Now if you get to that point..... go somewhere else for a while til ya cool down...... then come back for more of ME!!!
Oh!!!!.......... by the way........
The “Corrs” the famous Pop band from Ireland will be performing a sold-out show downstairs at The "Westport Playhouse” that same evening!!
This is the group that sold out three nights at
Wembley Arena in London
Rumour has it, they may come up after their show, seein's that McNulty's is the only place in St. Louis to get a decent Guinness!!!!
Remember...... their show is sold-out..... but there are still a few seats left to see ME!!!
See ya at McNulty's heh heh heh

McNulty's Presents.....
a Thanksgiving special!!!!
Wednesday, November 22nd
The day before Thanksgiving!!
"Come see me and have your last day of fun before you spend
an entire day with family and friends you can't stand"(heh heh heh)
I'll be doing my own music,
some kinda old stuff (for obvious reasons)
aaaand your Irish favorites!!!
well........ ok, so there "MY" Irish favorites
but look....... all my life I've had to cater
to people that wanted to hear stuff like
"Proud Mary" or "Smoke On The friggin' Water"
twelve times a night!!!!!...... OK??
So now its "MY" turn!!! I like Irish Music, OK???
I'll sing your oldies and the old Mamas Pride stuff... but I'm singin' my Irish stuff too....
...AND IF I HAVE TO PULL THIS CAR OVER, I'M GONNA......... huh?........ oops, sorry, I had a flash-back?
See ya at McNulty's heh heh heh

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