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Road Crew

Are you a former road crew member for Mama's Pride? If so, this is your message board. This was suggested to me by Jack Dedert who wrote: "Thanks for putting this together. I wish I could access all of the acts that I've worked for this easily. Anyhow, wonderful job!

Anyway, the myriad of guys who crewed the Pride's shows over the years were (are?) a colorful bunch (present company exluded). I wonder what happened to many of them. Any idea where Jerry Kovac or Ed Birch ended up? Maybe you could include a small info page--contact info mostly, I'd think--just enough so those we knew could get in touch and vice versa.

I know where a couple of the later (circa 78-84, my era) guys are, but I wonder about the rest."

Jack added "One of the things about the band was the feeling of 'family' that pervaded the whole experience. I think that must be somewhat unusual--at least in my experience since leaving St. Loo. I'd like to see some of the 'family' again, or at least find out what happened to them all."

So, thanks for the idea and getting it started Jack. We'll see if we can round up the others. If you are a former road crew member for Mama's Pride, please click below to access the message board and let us know where you are.

View the Mama's Pride Road Crew message board

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