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Danny Liston

Danny sent an e-mail in August 2001 containing an update on work on his new CD:

By the by the cd is so close to being done I'd say by the second week of September. Hunter is starting on 2 mixes Monday, and these are 2 you haven"t heard yet.

Danny sent an e-mail in July 2001 containing an update on work on his new CD:

I just wanted to give you an update. We are down to 2 songs for minor overdubs,and then we'll start the tedious(or should I say Hunter) will start the tedious task of mixing. Even though the project has taken quite a bit longer than expected,or at least than I expected,the finished product is well worth it! It is something that I am very pleased with. Some of the musicianship of the people who have helped me is so good it's humbling. I am truly a blessed man.

Danny sent an e-mail in June 2001 containing an update on work on his new CD:

By the way we are about 89.5 percent done with the cd. It's getting pretty exciting.

Danny was also nice enough to send me a rough mix of another track to be included on his upcoming CD. The track is titled "Two Men" and features some great guitar work with Danny on lead vocals. The lyrics to the song are about a man who has been spiritually born again. As a result, he has been "two men". This is another song - like "Somewhere Out There" and "I Heard Heaven" - that I find myself listening to over and over. It's that good. His new CD should be great.

Danny and Pat recently appeared on Smash's show on KLOU in St. Louis, Missouri. Did anyone get this on tape? If so, mamaspride@e-mail-me.comI would like to have a copy.

Danny sent an e-mail in May 2001 containing an update on work on his new CD:

The CD is going along quite well, we're probably about 80% done. The financing has gotten a bit low, but there always seems to be what I need when I need it. Coincidence? I don't think so. I've come to learn that those things that I have to work hardest for, are the things that I will take the best care of. I guess you could say I'm becoming a better stewart. We had 2 great guitar players in this week, and they layed down some nice stuff. I've got a mandolin player and an African percussionist coming in this week. Right now the hardest part is fitting things into everybody's schedule.

Danny has just released a CD single featuring two new songs. See the bottom of this page for ordering information.

For the passed several months, Danny has been writing and recording songs for a new CD project. Currently, he has completed recording six songs. He recently sent me two of the songs as an early release "sneak preview". The songs are titled "Somewhere Out There" and "I Heard Heaven".

"Somewhere Out There" is the more upbeat song featuring acoustic guitar and keyboards. The lead vocal sounds a bit like Greg Allman (which is a good thing). This, in combination with the keyboards makes you think of some recent Allman Brothers tunes. Nonetheless, "Somewhere Out There" is a great song and could easily be the lead off track on the CD.

"I Heard Heaven" starts off with an acoustic guitar that segues into a wonderful electric guitar piece with keyboard accompanyment. The lyrics to this song are very moving. In the middle verse of the song, there is an interesting vocal echo effect. No comparisons to Greg Allman on this song - it's all Danny. Between the two songs, this one is my favorite. In fact, I find myself listening to it several times each evening.

Both of these songs are excellent in my opinion. The interesting thing is what Danny had to say about the songs when he sent them to me: "These aren't necessarily the strongest songs, but they were the easiest to complete." If this comment is true, I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

Danny has just released a CD single featuring these two songs. The cover of each CD is autographed by Danny and numbered, making this a true collector's item. There are only 50 copies of this single available, so order now. For information on how to order the CD single, click here.

If you recently purchased Danny's new CD single containing "Somewhere Out There" and "I Heard Heaven" or his EP "Every Beat of My Heart", we would like your opinion. Please take a moment to let us know about what you thought of the music by clicking on this link. You can also read what other fans thought on the message board.

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