KWK Moonshine 2

Original Record Label: Starstream Record Co. - 1982

Not currently available on CD.

Personnel: Various Artists


Dooley's Fascination by AKA

Street level by AKA

Every Beat of My Heart by The Pride

Lovin Kinda Man by Gibralter

Dark Eyes by Gibralter

Give it Back by Roller

We Were Dancin by Jetts

Magic Carousel by Jetts

Take it or Leave it by Armor

Sinister Lady by Armor

Ooh Boy by Terrye Seigel

This album contains various artists all from the St. Louis, Missouri area recorded live at various clubs. It was sponsored by a now defunct St. Louis radio station - KWK. The album is significant in that it contains "Every Beat of My Heart" by The Pride - formerly known as Mama's Pride. The song was written by Danny Liston and was released on a Danny Liston EP of the same name.

I assume that there was a "KWK Moonshine Volume 1", although I have not seen it. To my knowledge, "KWK Moonshine 2" was only available in St. Louis area record stores. Currently, it is getting a bit more difficult to find, but it usually sells for less than $5. If you are a fan of Mama's Pride and you locate this album, it is worth picking up.

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