Eternal Mystery

Original Record Label: KBK Earth City Sound Studios - 1981

Not currently available on CD.

Personnel: Various Artists


Maybe by Mama's Pride 4:43

Words by September 5:20

Another's Lifetime by Randy Baird 3:21

Out With the Bad (In With the Good) by Freedom 3:29

Kidnap Me Kidnap You by Fairchild 4:20

Wrong Door by September 3:52

Straight as an Arrow by Randy Baird 2:42

Hold Me Squeeze Me by Fairchild 4:03

Don't You Know I Am by Freedom 4:47

All Go to Heaven Together by Mama's Pride 4:34

This album contains various artists all from the St. Louis, Missouri area recorded at a small, local studio and released on a local record label. The album is significant in that it contains two songs by the group Mama's Pride. At the time the album was released in 1981, the Mama's Pride songs were unavailable elsewhere. The song "Maybe" was later released as a single. However, the version contained on this album is longer and is a different mix than the single version or the version appearing on the CD "Guard Your Heart". The other song, "All Go to Heaven Together", is still unavailable on any other album or CD. The inside jacket of the album contains the lyrics to each of the songs.

To my knowledge, "Eternal Mystery" was only available in St. Louis area record stores. Currently, it is getting a bit more difficult to find and it currently sells for $8-10 depending on condition. If you are a fan of Mama's Pride and you locate this album, it is definitely worth picking up.

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