With Every Beat of My Heart

Original Record Label: St. Louis Records - 1986

Not currently available on CD.

Personnel: Danny Liston - lead vocals, rhythm guitar; Dave Mouldon - drums; Tim Scholbe - lead guitar; Wayne Givens - bass guitar; Paul Willett - keyboards; Ken Hensley and Pat Liston - background vocals


With Every Beat of My Heart 3:45

This is a 12 inch single which contains the same song on each side. The song is credited as being written and recorded by Danny Liston. It was produced by Ken Hensley (formerly of Uriah Heep). Danny sings lead on the song which sounds somewhat similar to other Mama's Pride songs. However, there is a bit more synthesizer on this track.

A sticker on the cover of the single states that the song was taken from the extended play cassette "Every Beat of My Heart" which is available on St. Louis Records. I recently stumbled across this single in a used record and CD store in St. Louis Missouri and paid $5.99 for it. The owner of the store told me the cassette exists, but it is difficult to find. As it turns out, I was able to obtain a copy of the vinyl EP Every Beat of My Heart.

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