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Thanks to Pat Liston for sharing the following pictures with the website so that other fans of The Pride could enjoy them.

This page will take a minute to load due to the number of photos on the page.

An alternate shot for the album cover of "Uptown and Lowdown".

A polaroid snapshot taken during the shooting for the "Uptown and Lowdown" album cover.

A picture of the group taken in Muscle Shoals.

A picture of the group taken at 461 Ocean Blvd. in Florida. (Yes, this is the same house where Eric Clapton recorded the album of the same name.)

Mama's Pride at a promotional event at a Peaches record store in St. Louis, Missouri. The event was for the release of their second album - "Uptown and Lowdown". Note the large autographed picture of the album on the wall in the background. I wonder what fan owns it today?

Another shot of the group at Peaches.

A marquee display for a show in Akron, Ohio.

Another marquee display from The Spectrum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Check out those ticket prices.

If you have additional photos of the group, please

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